Everything you need to know about the materials used to design a wooden model

In model design, wood and its derivatives as well as paper and cardboard are the most commonly used raw materials. If wood is so appreciated in the field, it is above all for its robustness and manoeuvrability.

Solid wood in the manufacture of a wooden model

This material has its own texture and colour. The levels of the model will depend entirely on the structure of the wood (knots, stripes or growth rings).

When designing a wooden model, the material is painted and arranged so as to have an open bottom. This arrangement makes it possible to have beautiful facades and to highlight the plastic details.

Realization of a wooden model: treatment and use of wood

In wood processing, it is important to consider the strength of the material and the significance of the fibres. For the treatment of cork, for example, a cutter can be used to create a porous effect. Thicker species such as maple, pear or alder require a cut.

In the design of a wooden model, it is also possible to use resin wood such as pine, lime or poplar. Moreover, the colours can perfectly cover the natural aspects of the wood.

Where to buy solid wood?

To buy solid wood, you generally have to go to the DIY stores. The additional parts in the realization of the model are sold in the carpentry workshops. In order to obtain a better final result, it is recommended to obtain parts that have already been cut.

Model making shows

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